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Discover how EASILY you can learn to
deliver your kittens safely at home
and guarantee yourself a
saving of $675 in vets fees.

In just 48 Minutes you will learn
all you’ll need to know to care for your cat
through pregnancy to weaning -
information that your vet will happily charge
you up to $1000 for!


From: Jane Tompsett

Dear Cat Lover:

My name is Jane Tompsett and I’ve recently had to solve a big problem when my lovely cat Flossie came home pregnant!

I guess that if you are reading this then the chances are that you’re in the same situation and, like me, you are facing the prospect of having to pay $100s for your vet to professionally care for your cat through pregnancy, birth and beyond – and all because you’ve got no idea how to give your beautiful cat the professional care she needs yourself.

Given the happy event your cat is expecting, you are probably experiencing very mixed emotions!

On the one hand, the prospect of holding 4 or 5 fluffy new-born kittens, all tiny and cute, fills you with warmth and excitement.


on the other hand, you just know that it’s going to cost you hundreds of dollars in vets fees to get to that point because you don’t know what to do - and that definitely doesn’t make you feel warm and excited at all.

All your good feelings are spoiled by what it’s going to cost - and vets really know how to charge!

How can you tell if your cat is really pregnant?
She might just be getting fat!

That was the first question that I wanted an answer to. A spent an hour of my valuable time at my vets surgery and had to pay $63 to be told what I later discovered I could have found out myself for free! I promised myself that I wouldn’t do that again.

I needed to know the answers to a lot of questions about Flossie’s pregnancy but there was a problem - I spent hours – yes, hours – searching for the answers to the questions I was asking.

I got so frustrated at having to wade through all the lightweight cat stuff that I already knew!

The more I thought about it, the more I realised that I needed solutions – solutions that I just couldn’t find in one place.

Please, if you do nothing else, learn from my experience.


Do not purchase information
on birthing your cat at home
unless it meets 5 important criteria.:

I’ll tell you what they are later.

But for now, why should you listen to me?

For all my life, I have been around cats. Right from being a baby, my family has had pet cats. Not just one or two, but as many as twelve at one go! Each one has been a rescue cat or stray, so you can guess, I’ve learned a lot in that time. A few years ago I decided to combine my love of felines with a career and trained to run a cat boarding establishment. My husband, Len, shares my love of cats and we have been members of the Feline Advisory Bureau for almost twenty years. My personal library contains many books about to cat behaviour, health and psychology.

Unfortunately for me, on that day when Flossie came home carrying more than she went out with, the one aspect of cat care I hadn’t experienced first-hand was pregnancy – let alone the birth and aftercare of a mom and her kittens!

What I did have though was a good friend, Jackie Constantinou, who is widely respected for her expertise with cats - expertise gained through many years of running her own, highly successful cat boarding business. She has bred dozens of pedigree cats and is frequently consulted by others in the British cat-care profession who respect her depth of knowledge and expertise.

With her help and guidance, I learned just about everything I needed to know about birthing a cat at home and what I would need to do for my mom cat and kittens in the weeks following birth.

Without that help I would have had to PAY my vet for the exact same information that I spent hours researching and Jackie kindly passed onto me.

The answers I found enabled me to remain stress & worry free during Flossie’s pregnancy.

I didn’t need to be running up vet fees every time I was unsure whether things were going ok.

I saved hours of searching for answers to each question that I had but best of all, I was able to help Flossie deliver four, healthy kittens confidently and safely.

You are now less than one hour away from being able to birth your cat at home safely, confidently and FREE of overblown vet’s charges.

If I could have found a single source of all the insider’s tips and techniques for managing your cat’s birth at home and all the information on how to give the best follow-up care to your mom cat and newborn kittens, I would have been ecstatic!

I was lucky, I had my good friend to help but I reckon that most people don’t have that – they just pay their vet over and over again each time they consult with him.

Now, for the first time, you can have all the information you’ll need not only to care for your cat through pregnancy but also through birth, nursing, weaning and feeding your kittens.

All in one easy-to-read eBook!

Inside ‘Hey Mom! – Fat Fred’s having Kittens!’ you’ll discover:

  • The first signs that show your cat is pregnant
  • How long your cat is pregnant for
  • What you need to know to work out your cat’s delivery date
  • The secret to making the best ‘birth nest’
  • How to make sure that the birth is trouble free
  • What to do when kittens are born
  • How to deliver kittens easily & without stress
  • Normal mother cat behaviour

You’ll learn how to provide essential care
for your newly born kittens.

Here’s just a few of the topics that could make the difference between healthy, thriving kittens and kittens that are so weak that they are at risk of death.

You’ll discover:

  • The one thing you must do to make sure your kittens are nursing correctly v
  • The #1 expert’s tip to wean a bottle fed kitten
  • The real secret for kitten food
  • The three essentials for successful raising of orphaned kittens
  • What signs to watch for to keep your kittens alive
  • Little-known techniques professionals use to wean kittens
  • The one thing you should never feed a kitten – you’ll be astounded when you discover what it is
  • The safest way to deal with fleas on your mom cat
  • Why you should never handle a newborn kitten

And much, much more!

Provide the best possible care for your cat during pregnancy, through birth and for your newborn kittens

Having this information to hand in one, easy to read ebook will save you the hours of frustration I went through searching website after website.

It will save you all that time I wasted sitting in a vet’s waiting room.

It will save you all the pain I experienced when paying the vet’s fee after each consultation!

It will save you all that stress and worry seeing your cat struggle to give birth and not knowing how to help.

Imagine how much that information would be worth to you!

‘Hey Mom! – Fat Fred’s having Kittens!’ could save you as much as $1000 by showing you how to manage your cat’s pregnancy and birth confidently and successfully.

Read What Other People
Have to Say about

‘Hey Mom! – Fat Fred’s having Kittens!’

Testimonial #1

Thank you so much! Without your book "Hey, Mom, Fat Fred's Having Kittens"! I'd never have been able to help my cat when her second litter was born not breathing. It was so easy to use your troubleshooting quickies! I really felt in control. Thanks again - the best $37 I ever spent!

Sue, Hereford

Testimonial #2

Thanks - again THANKS for your book! Thank you very much for the knowledge! It was full of amazing information. It is easy to follow and I thought I could never do it! I delivered 5 healthy beautiful kittens - no panic, no running to the vet! Reckon you saved me £800/$500. Thanks from Tiddles and her new family!

John, Cornwall

Testimonial #3

Just had to email you to say thank you for your book.
I feel that I am well prepared for the arrival of my first litter!
I was dreading having to pay high vet fees to help me though but with the information and guidance you have provided, I'm sure I can do it myself! Thanks!

Jackie McCarthy



There are dozens of general and poor quality information websites and products out there (I know, I found them).
Make sure that any information you are considering buying
includes the following:

  • Essential and detailed information on each stage of the birthing process, from pregnancy right through to weaning
  • A comprehensive list of potential problems and their solutions
  • What you can expect to see in a normal pregnancy
  • How to tell when you need to call in the vet
  • How to help your cat have a trouble-free birth
  • What to do immediately after each kitten is born
  • Essential care for your new kittens and their mom
  • Nursing technique and how to get your kittens to feed
  • How to solve problems with weaning
  • Tips on ongoing care for your cat and her kittens

‘Hey Mom! – Fat Fred’s having Kittens!’

is the only ebook delivering
ALL this essential information
in one place!

Yes, you might be able to find similar publications covering pregnancy and birth but they stop right after your kittens have been delivered – leaving you wondering what to do next.

You may be able to find any number of guides offering kitten care advice but their advice only starts after your kittens have been weaned.

‘Hey Mom! – Fat Fred’s having Kittens!’

is specifically written to lead you through
the entire birthing process

……from identifying your cat’s pregnancy, through the weeks leading to birth, the birth itself, immediate aftercare, nursing, feeding, weaning and on into kitten-hood.

Not only that, ‘Hey Mom! – Fat Fred’s having Kittens!’ pulls no punches.

Problems do arise from time to time and each chapter contains a dedicated troubleshooting section designed to enable you to identify when your cat or kittens are struggling and whether expert attention from your vet is necessary.

Simple ‘yes’/’no’ answers will guide you in making your decision.

No other publication will give you this specific guidance.

All these essential criteria are covered in depth inside
your copy of

‘Hey Mom! – Fat Fred’s having Kittens!’

Of course, you could take a course in vetinery nursing to learn about animal pregnancy and birth but that would take you two years and cost around $12 000.


you could engage the services of a cat home-care specialist to attend the birth – at a cost of $60 an hour. If you’re lucky, you may only have to pay them for five or six hours of their time - $360.


you could download a copy of ‘Hey Mom! – Fat Fred’s having Kittens!’ for the amazingly low price of only $37 - around half  of what your vet would charge you just to walk into his surgery!

You can be in possession of all the essential information it contains within the next 5 minutes!


The next 2000 people to download
a copy of

‘Hey Mom! – Fat Fred’s having Kittens!’

will also receive these MUST HAVE,
FREE additional bonuses.

BONUS #1: ‘Cat Pregnancy Calculator’

Unique, downloadable software which will enable you to easily and instantly calculate when your kittens will be born. Simply put in the date of conception and you will be given your cat's expected delivery dates, her 'safe' early and late delivery dates and her 'unsafe' delivery dates when your vet should be called in.

$49.97 value!

BONUS #2: ‘How to Litter Train Your New Kittens’

Techniques professional breeders use to make sure that all their kittens know just what a litter box is for and how to use it – every time! $19.97 value!

BONUS #3: ‘Unique and unusual Kitten Names’

Don’t spend hours racking your brain for names for your newborn kittens. Impress your family & friends with an elegant and imaginative name for each and every one of your fluffy kittens as soon as they are born! $9.97 value!

Download your copy of

‘Hey Mom! – Fat Fred’s having Kittens!’

on my secure server below:

Click above to Place your Secure Order



I am so confident that after studying the information contained in your copy of
‘Hey Mom! – Fat Fred’s
having Kittens!’

you will be fully equipped to manage your cat’s pregnancy and birth at home, as well as being able to give the very best after care to your cat and her kittens, that I am happy to give you one full year to read and act on it’s contents.

That’s right, anytime during the next 365 days, if you are not absolutely blown away by the information in
‘Hey Mom! – Fat Fred’s
having Kittens!’

and three accompanying bonuses, I will cheerfully refund the entire payment, with no questions asked.


With warmest regards,

Proud ‘Mother’ of the cutest, fluffiest kittens ever.

P.S. Don’t forget that by ordering your copy of ‘Hey Mom! – Fat Fred’s having Kittens!’ right now you can be learning how to care for your cat from the very start of her pregnancy right through to weaning her kittens in just three minutes time! And if you are one of the first 2000 people to order you will also receive three valuable bonuses – don’t risk missing out!

P.P.S. Being able to avoid one single visit to your vet will save you more on fees than the cost of this book! By delivering your cat’s kittens at home, you’ll miss paying all those additional vet’s fees and save valuable time wasted sitting in his waiting room. You’ll be able to easily access all the tips and techniques you’ll need to confidently and safely manage your cat’s pregnancy and birth and successfully care for your lovely, newborn kittens!

You risk nothing but the health and wellbeing of your cat and kittens by not having the information you’ll need easily to hand – order your copy of ‘Hey Mom! – Fat Fred’s having Kittens!’ now and take advantage of my full 365 day guarantee!



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